TrustId OnBoarding - JavaScript Component

Seamlessly integrate ID verification into your web applications with this javascript only component.

Getting started

This 'OnBoarding Widget' is a Javascript only client component that launches in a popup and connects to the TrustID API Gateway to perform ID verification.

You need to call the CreateOnboardingLink API endpoint and pass in an AuthToken for that user as well as your application reference and a callback URL to receive the progress of the application and results.


You will need a user / authtoken for each type of unique 'journey' you need your users to perform, one may be sufficient.

To request AuthTokens and setup user journeys, please liaise with your TrustID Account Manager.

Here are 2 sample ones if you want to try it out

1. Standard Journey Type N5LA16a7PZZxBIsyMFH8YYYZQWo3/V4VJZN3jlClin0=

2. Right To Work Journey Type tBNWnrkHQibwf4gU2HBmqRB5VQ0b/EN9BH+B8TWWmeI=

CallBack URL

Your application may need to be sent for manual review, we will call you back on the supplied URL when it has completed processing which may be just seconds but maybe later if it needs to be sent for review as it cannot be auto-validated.

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Client Reference:

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Development Example Script

Here is the sample Iframe and PopUp code used in this demo page which should get you started.
For more sophisticated integrations please email us